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Developments and Divestments - Distributor Services Business Portfolio, EUR 100MM

Implementation of activity reviews leading to operational and financial decisions: resale of mobiles, travel agencies, service stations, car leasing, resale of energy… 

Transaction on an activity generating a gain of EUR 50 million

Business Due Diligence for a Distributor

Audit of mobile resale activities in 7 countries and plan to improve EBITDA by 100%

Redesign of the business model of a group of advertising presses

Review of the business plan and financing needs. Strategic overhaul plan in the face of Internet substitution and definition of a transformation plan leading to €85 million in savings

5-year development plan and improvement of margins – Distributor of special steels

Development of its 5-year strategic plan, selection of specialties and geographies to be developed, definition of the regional distribution model

Definition and management of a proactive program to improve operational performance, generating €20 million in savings in 6 months

Impact of technological developments and understanding of the needs of major customers – International Telecommunications Operator

Strategic review of the industry, understanding of future technological breakthroughs and their impacts, proposal for repositioning on the convergent Telecommunications and IT sectors. Strategy to strengthen positions in Asian and emerging countries, in particular India, China, Russia and Australia

International deployment of a Fintech

BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) market entry strategy in 5 European countries. Recommendations in terms of products, marketing mix and entry strategy.


GIE enters a new market

In response to a n objective of cash reduction and financial inclusion, development of the mobile payment́ market entry strategy on behalf of GIE at national level. Marketing expertise.


E-commerce strategy for a banking and insurance group

Development of e-commerce business plan


Digital and e-commerce strategy for a media group 
Conception of the Internet strategy of a giant in the media industry: valuation, search for partners and study of their potential synergies.


Joint venture between two major groups in the payment sector

Supervision of the joint venture project between two players in the payments sector, an issuer and a scheme, leading to the creation of a major player in the dematerialization of restaurant vouchers: finalization of the deal and operational implementation of the JV.

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