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"Is your company future-proofed?" - The virtues of quadruple play

Four strategic objectives are particularly relevant when it comes to preparing a company for the future. They aim to ensure that the company is in step with its markets over the long term (growth), that it has a genuine identity and differentiation that reinforce its raison d'être (profitability), that it integrates the major challenges of environmental sustainability (sustainable development), and that it recognizes that its lasting success depends first and foremost on the genius and cohesion of its employees (employee engagement).

Growth: This demonstrates the company's ability to win over new customers and new territories, to innovate and offer new products and services, and to justify its prices. In the face of increasingly fierce competition, it demonstrates the company's ability to renew itself and stay one step ahead. In addition, it enables us to gain in operational efficiency: mobilizing the benefits of size effects, whether in terms of better exploitation of fixed resources through scale effects, improved know-how thanks to experience curves, or profiting from interrelationships through network effects.

Profitability: This characterizes a company's ability not only to compete, but also to master the factors that are unique to it, and that trigger customer preference and superiority in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. It offers the possibility of self-financing investments. It is a guarantee of confidence for shareholders and capital providers. Finally, it enables to cope with hazards and risks, offering greater peace of mind in heavy weather.

Sustainable development: Citizens are becoming increasingly aware that natural resources are not infinite, and that reducing pollution and waste of all kinds is crucial. Genuine, detailed measurement of a company's impact will play an increasingly important role in future reporting. It also provides numerous opportunities for rationalization, improved efficiency for most processes, and new revenue streams through the organization of extended service and recycling channels.

Employee engagement: The paradox is increasingly striking: in complex and uncertain environments, the company must fight to attract and retain its employees, while relying on a growing number of suppliers, service providers, freelancers, and subcontractors. It is important to measure the attractiveness, motivation, and commitment of internal resources. There can be no sustainable value creation without creating a positive, motivating and stimulating working environment that fosters creativity, cohesion, and the ongoing development of skills.

The four strategic objectives - Growth, Profitability, Sustainability and Employee Engagement - are interconnected and mutually reinforcing. By working on these objectives in a balanced way, a company creates a solid foundation for long-term success.

The Impact 4 Business partners, with their dual experience in leading strategy consulting firms and as operational executives, are ready to support your journey to getting future-proofed.

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Impact 4 Business is a collective of partners who provide company executives with the ability to multiply their resources. Our team members all have over 25 years' experience and combine a strong background in strategy consulting (McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Kearney, Oliver Wyman...) and operational leadership (CEO, BU Director, Executive Committee members). Our aim is to "Get your teams up and running like an Executive, while structuring the project like a Consultant". Tailored to your needs, our engagements combine consulting, interim management, and mentoring.

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