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« Is your company future-proofed ?" Best approaches to develop your strategy

In an ever-changing world, the pace and depth of change are increasing. Many managers come to consider their environment as chaotic and uncertain. Yet they must not succumb to the temptation to turn away from anticipating and preparing for the future.

One of the first responsibilities of an executive is to be prepared, and to spread throughout their organization, the need to approach the future with a bold, explicit value proposition that makes the company unique, while preserving agility and far-sightedness.

Anticipating the future has become more difficult, but it has also become more necessary than ever. The best strategic approaches are well known, but require real know-how. Without being exhaustive, here are six recommendations to consume without moderation:

1. Identify weak signals and integrate new trends:

In an ever-changing world, weak signals - those early signs of impending change - can be difficult to detect. However, it's by paying attention to these signals that you can anticipate your customers' changing needs and identify emerging opportunities. Be on the lookout for new technologies, changes in the behavior of new generations and phenomena you don't yet understand. In 5 to 10 years' time, they could well disrupt your industry. Identifying them at an early stage is a real plus.

2. Stay ahead of the competition:

Don't wait for new competitors to emerge before taking action. Identify startups and emerging companies that could threaten your market position. By anticipating their moves, you can develop counter-strategies or possibly explore partnership opportunities.

3. Test ahead, dare to think outside the box:

In an uncertain world, it's essential to adopt a test-and-learn mentality. Be ready to explore new business models and bold ideas. Test pilot concepts with small groups of customers to assess their viability. Also be prepared to quickly abandon initiatives that don't show growth potential.

4. Develop a unique and differentiating vision:

Don't just follow current trends or copy what your competitors are doing. Develop a unique vision that differentiates you in the marketplace. This will enable you to create a strong identity for your company and attract loyal customers ... and even employees who are proud to be pioneers.

5. Beware of fads and sheep-like behavior:

In a climate of uncertainty, it's easy to succumb to fads and follow the crowd. Always keep in mind the specificities of your company and your sector. Assert them, invest regularly to reinforce them. Make well-considered decisions based on solid analysis rather than on fleeting trends.

6. Integrate contingency management into your strategy:

Even with meticulous preparation, cyclical hazards can arise and disrupt your plans. Make sure you retain some financial leeway and flexibility in your strategy. This will enable you to adapt quickly to unforeseen changes.

By always being one step ahead, your company will be better prepared to involve all its stakeholders in meeting the challenges of the future and seizing the opportunities that arise. Be ready to innovate, take calculated risks and remain agile. The future belongs to those who anticipate and adapt.

The Impact 4 Business partners, with their dual experience in leading strategy consulting firms and as operational executives, are ready to support you in this process.

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Impact 4 Business is a collective of partners who provide company executives with the ability to multiply their resources. Our team members all have over 25 years' experience, and combine a strong background in strategy consulting (McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Kearney, Oliver Wyman...) and operational leadership (CEO, BU Director, Executive Committee members). Our aim is to "Get your teams up and running like an Executive, while structuring the project like a Consultant". Tailored to your needs, we can combine consulting, interim management and mentoring.

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