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Is your company future-proofed ?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

At a time of profound structural transitions and unprecedented cyclical ups and downs, the ability for managers to prepare their companies for the future has become more difficult than ever.

Past's transitions (digitalization, globalization, access to raw materials) have only just been digested. Already, even more substantial transformations are on the agenda, whether they derive from geopolitical shocks, artificial intelligence or climate change. These long-term trends are compounded by cyclical hazards, from financial and health crises to waves of migration.

The pace and depth of change are accelerating, bringing even the most fragile companies to fail. Managers come to see their environment as chaotic and unmanageable. The temptation is to turn away from anticipating and preparing for possible futures. Thrown into successive sprints of 3 to 5 years, the managers of companies in LBO situations are under even greater pressure: they most often lead companies that have enjoyed excellent past performances. They are valued for delivering growing cash flows every year. Optimizing and perpetuating the existing business model, particularly through build-ups, is the preferred strategy.

Yet few sectors or companies are immune to change, and confidence in future performance is crucial. The management team must be in a position to convince the public that it is anticipating the future and has prepared for the most varied contingencies.

It's for them and their shareholders that the Impact 4 Business partners have pragmatically developed the "Is your company future-proofed?" approach. approach: a pragmatic questioning guide, in 17 themes, which reviews the company's various assets. The aim is to reconcile short- and medium-term perspectives, and to revisit and implement concrete action plans that combine anticipation, innovation, agility and resilience. Ultimately, it aims to maximize value creation.

In the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "The future cannot be predicted, it must be built".

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