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Cash generation


New Energy distributor in a deregulated market (400 people)

Refocusing of Operations and adaptation of the organization, reduction of the cost structure (270 people)

Evaluation of partnerships and negotiations leading to the merger with a competitor

B2B services

Organization of workshops and analysis of commercial data identifying a 12% growth of MB - EUR 220 million

B2B distributor in LBO

Audit of Operations, identification of new revenues and cost reductions to double EBITDA - EUR 210 million,


Cosmetics manufacturer

Steering of the project to launch a new offer to achieve a turnover growth of 10% - EUR 170 million


Department stores

Re-engineering of the Renovation/Work Department (180 pers.) and the investment process (200 M EUR CAPEX)


Classified Press 

Review of the business plan and financing needs. Strategic redesign plan in the face of Internet substitution and definition of a transformation plan leading to €85 million in savings


Automotive equipment supplier

Ambitious program to double the turnover and restore profitability. Definition and management of its transformation plan, including organizational components, management of vehicle programs, redesign of the industrial plan, innovation management, strategic review of activities, acquisitions and optimization of purchasing costs


Group of chemical specialties

Make or Buy organization and policy of process development and engineering skills: definition of future investments, detail and qualification of critical skills and the conditions for their development and maintenance, definition of the optimal global organization, including distribution of internalized skills entrusted to external partners


Aerospace equipment manufacturer

New levers for purchasing optimization and rationalization between divisions. Diagnosis on the levers for accelerating purchasing savings, recommendations for the implementation of the most advanced purchasing practices and structuring of an ambitious program of actions. Objective: more than €150 million in additional savings to pre-existing plans


Building materials group in LBO

Action plan to reduce the WCR. Determination of levers regarding accounts receivable, suppliers and inventories, definition and sharing of best practices, integration of differences by country and type of customer. Training and mobilization of field teams. Project management and dashboards until the results are obtained (€150 million reduction in 1 year). Evolution of processes to ensure the sustainability of gains

Financial optimization at a reinsurer

Management of a program to optimize reinsurance captives in Europe, encompassing 13 interdependent projects, and involving 200+ people in 5+ countries, and a great deal of technical expertise.

Audit marketing & communication holding - Facility Management

To reposition the function, management of an audit of the central marketing & communications department of an intermediate holding company.

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